Police to investigate suspected Hate crimes



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We have arrested the person of suspicion in this matter again it is just to get the final evidence that would tie in everything. But we are still working on this. These are horrific crimes and we again have the information we just have not been able to get the sort of information that we can place before a judge and jury.” As for the island’s most recent murder ACP Francis said the police are investigating whether there is any connection between Nestor’s murder and that or Verne Romulus whose body was found near Dennery last year. Some have suggested that the two were killed because they were homosexuals.

“I am going to be looking into the Romulus file as expeditiously as possible to see if there is any connection between the lifestyles of the individuals,” said ACP Francis, “but so far I cannot give any information to suggest that it was because of his lifestyle that he was killed.” Remember Mervin Forde? The Education Minister’s nephew who was murdered at the Morne? Here is what Francis had to say about that case: “The exhibits are presently in England and we expect to get some positive information from England so that we can actually arrest the individual that we had as a suspect early on.”



Should gays living in St Lucia have reason to feel threatened?



M James, student, Desruisseaux: There’s nothing to be afraid of. If someone is gay I see nothing wrong with that. We must learn, in St Lucia, to be more tolerant of people who are different and have different views from ours. They should not be afraid to express themselves.

A Louison, teacher, Desruisseaux: In the first place whether it is public or in secret it is not right to be gay. Probably some people are born with certain traits and they have no way of changing themselves so I suppose they can just try and control it but to go according to their feelings and act on it is wrong.

Gordon Franklin, security guard, Castries: We are all human beings but I really can’t understand why men would want to wear skirts and get on like women. I’m not being judgmental I just don’t think it is right for men to be pretending to be women and vice versa. I think they should be afraid because judgement day is upon them.

Name withheld, clerk, Castries: Prejudiced attitudes should not be expressed towards individuals who are homosexuals. We cannot judge another on the opinions we hold about certain issues. Some people are homosexuals by choice, others because of uncontrollable factors such as hormonal genes. We should never be prejudiced against these individuals. Equality should exist in every aspect. And they should not feel fearful but there are those who do not accept homosexuality and may be violent towards them.

Hudson Walter, unemployed, Castries: I don’t support homosexuality in St Lucia. When I see them I feel like beating them but I know that if I beat them I’ll be involved with the police and the law. Yeah, they should be afraid because they should know that what they’re doing is wrong. Go overseas or elsewhere not in St Lucia.

Name withheld, teacher, Vieux Fort: Yes, sadly I think that homosexuals in St Lucia have reason to be afraid. The recent killing of a young man, though it has not been concluded that he was murdered because he was gay, leads me to say that. The family has not admitted that the young man was gay but from all the talk surrounding this case that was very likely. The death of another young man last year, in a horrible fashion also leads me to question our tolerance for gays in St Lucia. We live in a democratic state and everyone has a right to self-expression without fear of discrimination.

G Davidson, self-employed, Castries: They should be afraid because it is an abomination. Why should a man be with another man or a woman with another woman? If God wanted it to be that way he would have created Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve. I just don’t support it.

T Serieux, student, Mon Repos: St Lucia is a democratic society. We are also a Christian society and should be tolerant of others. We have no right to dictate other people’s choices in life. Even if we don’t like it we have to be tolerant and so if we understand that everyone has a choice they should have no reason to be afraid.

E Stanley, clerk, Castries: Ideally, they should not be afraid because this is a democratic society that guarantees people freedom of expression. Realistically though, considering the recent alleged hate crimes in St Lucia people who openly declare themselves gay should be afraid that they might themselves be victims of hate crimes.

Richard Charles, Lastic Hill, Castries: No they should not feel fearful to express themselves but we all know that is not a reality in St Lucia. Although there has been no case where it has been concluded that the person was killed because they were gay those persons who openly express their sexual orientation are harassed daily on our streets, they are called names and are even attacked. That is wrong. I do not support homosexuality but I abhor persecution of gays in any shape or form, be it verbally or with violence. Everyone deserves to live freely and to express himself or herself without fear that they will be attacked.

Name withheld, student, Castries: Yes they should be afraid because what they are doing is wrong. Why should a man want to be with another man? Given a chance I would take them on myself. I do not support that kind of thing.

Nancy James, self-employed, Vieux Fort: Sadly I think gays in St Lucia do feel threatened. Our attitude towards anyone who holds a different point of view to us leaves a lot to be desired in this state that claims to be democratic. St Lucians must learn to treat everyone with respect. They should not feel threatened but when persons who are known to be gay walk the streets do you know the kind of abuse they receive. Sometimes the person just looks a certain way and he is verbally abused. Ask Vincent McDoom about that! What I find strange though is that while people are saying this latest murder and the one before it appear to be related to the dead men’s sexual orientation their friends who are also gay, claim that is not the case. Either they are afraid or still not very comfortable with themselves.



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One Response to Police to investigate suspected Hate crimes

  1. weasel says:

    You have My support on that venture Ms. Henry. It is high time these culprites be caught and put to face the Justice Systems in St Lucia. While They are out there living their lives while they cut short other Human beings lives all because of mare Speculations. I slso believe that someone should be able to live thier life freely in St Lucia with no fear of persecution weither it is because of their sexual orientation or choices.

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