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NY rally deplores police shooting

  NY rally deplores police shooting Mr Bell had been on his stag night A crowd led by civil rights leader Al Sharpton has rallied after police shot dead an unarmed black man in New York. Sean Bell, 23, was … Continue reading

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Mayor Bloomberg ‘disturbed’ by NY shooting but stands by Police Chief

  Mayor ‘disturbed’ by NY shooting Mr Bloomberg said he would make information public as he got it New York’s mayor said he is "deeply disturbed" by the shooting of an unarmed black man by police but said he would … Continue reading

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Sudan ‘still backing Janjaweed’

  Sudan ‘still backing Janjaweed’ Mr Minnawi was the only Darfur rebel leader to sign the peace deal A former rebel leader from Sudan’s Darfur region who joined the government has accused it of rearming and mobilising the Arab Janjaweed … Continue reading

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Protester immolation virtually unnoticed

 Protester immolation virtually unnoticed By ASHLEY M. HEHER, Associated Press Writer Sun Nov 26, 5:24 PM ET CHICAGO – Malachi Ritscher envisioned his death as one full of purpose. He carefully planned the details, mailed a copy of his apartment … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Why would you bleach your skin?

        Have Your Say Why would you bleach your skin? Why would anyone use skin-lightening cream? The French police have seized 15 tons of skin-lightening cream – the largest catch the French authorities have ever made of … Continue reading

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Bemba forces leave Congo capital

  Bemba forces leave Congo capital Soldiers have been stationed across Kinshasa Forces loyal to a Democratic Republic of Congo presidential candidate have started to leave Kinshasa, following an ultimatum from President Joseph Kabila. About 50 men have left their … Continue reading

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Gaddafi: Migration ‘inevitable’

  Gaddafi: Migration ‘inevitable’ Muammar Gaddafi’s views are widely heard throughout Africa The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has told African and European government ministers that they must accept high levels of cross-border migration. Mr Gaddafi told ministers gathered for a … Continue reading

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