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Concern over Inter-Caribbean airfares

  Concern over airfares   Director of the Caribbean Employers Confederation and Former President of the St. Lucia Employers Federation Malcolm Charles wants the price of air travel in the region to be kept in check. He says since the … Continue reading

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The legacy of slavery

  The legacy of slavery By Dominic Casciani BBC News home and community affairs Dehumanised: White faces depicted – but not black slave faces What do we mean by the legacy of slavery? Is it something measurable – or perhaps … Continue reading

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Ms Dynamite and the Maroons

Ms Dynamite and the Maroons   Jamaican Maroons wait to ambush an approaching British military column circa 1795 (image: The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities) Enlarge Image Niomi Daley, the British hip-hop star better known as Ms Dynamite, travelled to … Continue reading

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Jamaican anger over slave trade

  Jamaican anger over slave trade By Clive Myrie BBC News in Kingston, Jamaica On a plantation just outside the Jamaican capital, Kingston, we watched workers with long machetes slice down towering stalks of sugar cane with industrial precision. Sugar … Continue reading

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Slavery’s long effects on Africa

  Slavery’s long effects on Africa By Will Ross BBC News, Ghana About 12m Africans were forced onto European slave ships Between the 15th and 19th Centuries, it is estimated that up to 12m Africans were forced onto European slave … Continue reading

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Protest disrupts slavery service

  Protest disrupts slavery service Toyin Agbetu condemned Africans for taking part in the service A lone protester has interrupted a commemorative service at Westminster Abbey marking the 200th anniversary of the act to abolish the slave trade. The event, … Continue reading

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Sudan ‘in Chadian bombing raid’

  Sudan ‘in Chadian bombing raid’   Violence in the east has forced 120,000 Chadians from their homes Chad’s government has accused the Sudanese military of bombing two locations in the east of the country which borders Sudan’s Darfur region. … Continue reading

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