Tobago Christian leaders want Elton John banned

Tobago Christian leaders want Elton John banned

Published on Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Reuters): Pop singer Elton John should be banned from performing at a jazz festival in Tobago because his homosexuality could influence young people, some Christian leaders on the Caribbean island said on Monday.

A group of Christian churches have failed to persuade the Tobago House of Assembly, which oversees the administration of the island, to join the call for a boycott of John’s appearance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in late April.

But they said they would pursue the campaign against John, who married his partner David Furnish in Britain in 2005.

"We feel it can have a negative social impact. There are some who may not be sure of their sexuality and one has to be careful about how this can create impressions on impressionable minds," pastor Terrance Baynes told Reuters on Monday.

The British singer celebrated his 60th birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York on Sunday, playing more than 30 songs from a career spanning four decades.

Jazz festival organizer CL Communications dismissed calls for a boycott and said the show would go on.

"Elton John is coming as what he is, one of the world’s greatest performers," said Anthony Maharaj, adding that the country should be honored to have John perform in Tobago, the smaller island of energy-rich Trinidad.

"His band has performed in every country around the world. …. He is not coming here to preach about what lifestyle people should have," he said.



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One Response to Tobago Christian leaders want Elton John banned

  1. R. says:

    Elton John banned? You’ve got to be kidding!

    Published on Monday, April 2, 2007

    By Linda Petrusi
    I read with amusement the words of pastor Terence Baynes who expressed his thoughts regarding Elton John’s upcoming performance in Trinidad. “We feel it can have a negative social impact,” declares pastor Baynes (CNN Monday March 27th, 2007) Does pastor Baynes really believe that Elton John’s music will encourage young people who are “not sure” of their sexuality to finally declare themselves gay? This type of talk is sheer nonsense; especially given the fact that 95% of all sexual violations occur between a heterosexual man and a young girl. I assume the remaining 5% are Catholic priests who love their boys.

    Linda Petrusi holds a BA in International Studies, a Minor in Black Studies, a certificate in mediation and will shortly complete her Masters in Conflict Resolution. Feedback to: linda@caribbeannetnews.comIf sexual orientation is determined biologically; then social discipline cannot change what a person is naturally. If on the other hand, homosexuality is socially constructed, then how does that explain young children raised by the same mother and father, with the same values and morals, who attend the same church, and are gay? The answers are not quite so simple and citing scripture is not helpful. Before anyone decides it’s OK to treat gays and lesbians with cruelty and humiliation while at the same time disregard the fact that they are humans who deserve to be treated with the same decency and respect that all of us want, here are a few reminders of people you know who might be gay: • Your best friend for twenty years might be gay • Your brother or sister might be gay • Your minister might be gay • You might be gay and married with children • Your father might be gay • Your mother might be gay • Your child might be gay • Your aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews might be gay • The person sitting next to you on the bus having a conversation with you might be gay. • The person sitting next to you in church might be gay • The person you are dating might be gay If pastor Baynes and others really believe what they are saying; then they are not only in violation of the 10 commandments, but also the words of Jesus who asks of us to treat others with love and kindness. I don’t recall Jesus saying, “Treat people with love and kindness, except for homosexuals.” “You are to beat, humiliate, degrade, and deprive them of their basic human rights.” Perhaps pastor Baynes has a passage he can cite where it is so written. As far as Elton John is concerned; the greatest impact he makes is through his music. Therefore, any young people who attend his performances might be inspired to learn more about music and discover how great music inspires us all.

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