St.Lucia: Another safe goes missing

 Another safe goes missing

By Christine Larbey


Almost three years ago on May 28, 2004 the STAR broke the news that a safe containing, “very sensitive documents, some related to important persons in politics and among the legal fraternity” had been stolen from the Ministry of Justice building, mere yards away from police headquarters, Castries.


According to a reliable police source that safe also contained other documents relating to the disappearance of some $55,000 for which an unnamed female was accountable. Said the source at the time; “investigations into that particular incident have uncovered an unholy connection between the woman and a high ranking male police officer. Any serious pressure placed on her would reveal the obvious conspiracy. But now that evidence has disappeared everyone involved will sleep easier.”


On June 1, 2004 the then police PRO broke the usual official silence on the matter. He stated that while a safe had been stolen, it did not contain sensitive documents, only $1,279.97 cash and the safe’s combination. End of story. No surprise that no one was ever charged. Meanwhile two weeks ago during the dead of night another safe was stolen. This time from the Castries First District Court! Since then there has been no official statement on the matter. As with all other matters of this nature,  silence reigns.


Once again it was left to a reliable police source, hours after the discovery, to fill in at least some details. “The District court is on the third floor of the LIAT building. The safe was carried or bounced down three flights of stairs and out of the building. There was some damage to the front door and a few stair floor tiles were cracked. It must have taken more than a couple of people to lift it.” At the time he had no idea of what the safe had contained. As usual police investigations are continuing.


This reporter had a brief interview with the Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Justice Mr Eustace Monrose last Thursday morning to see if he could shed any light on the theft of the safe which, according to some contained a very large sum of money collected from court fines. However during the short interview, due to Mr Monrose having to attend meetings he said that at this time he could not “speak intelligently” on the matter.“I am waiting for a report from the Senior Magistrate,” he said.


But he did say that the safe “was quite a size, heavy”  and that “it needed more than two people to carry it.” He did not however elaborate on the question of security of the LIAT building nor would he entertain at this time the banking policy of the court. He did say that once he had received the report and had passed it on to other relevant government ministries he would be in a better position to furnish the public with more details about the theft and the safe’s contents.


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