Venezuela presents OAS resolution on Posada Carriles extradition


Venezuela presents OAS resolution on Posada Carriles extradition

Published on Thursday, May 24, 2007

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WASHINGTON, USA (AFP):  Venezuela on Wednesday presented a draft OAS resolution calling on Washington to extradite Cuban anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles, wanted by Venezuela and Cuba for the 1976 downing of a Cuban airliner that killed all 73 aboard.

Ambassador Jorge Valero. OAS PHOTO

"There are no good terrorists or terrorists that should be protected," said Venezuelan representative Jorge Valero in presenting the measure before the permanent council of the Organization of American States.

The draft resolution was supported by Nicaragua and Ecuador, but opposed by the United States.

Lacking consensus, council president Roberto Alvarez of the Dominican Republic, called for an "informal consultative group" to discuss the measure.

US representative Robert Manzanares said the Posada Carriles case was a bilateral issue between two OAS members and not a multilateral problem.

Posada was arrested in May 2005 after entering the United States illegally, but released May 8 after a US judge in El Paso, Texas dismissed immigration fraud charges against him.

US authorities refused to honor extradition requests from Cuba and Venezuela.

Posada was also sentenced in Panama to eight years in prison for a 2000 bomb plot to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, but outgoing president Mireya Moscoso pardoned him four years later.

Posada has not been indicted in the United States for any of the attacks, though a grand jury in New Jersey is reportedly investigating his role in a 1997 Havana hotel bombing that killed an Italian tourist.

Declassified US documents show that Posada worked for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1965 to June 1976. He also reportedly helped the US government ferry supplies to right-wing Contra rebels who waged a bloody campaign to topple the socialist Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980s.


Caribbean Net News: Venezuela presents OAS resolution on Posada Carriles extradition

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