Spirit Airlines flying soon to Trinidad & Tobago


Letter: Spirit Airlines flying soon to Trinidad & Tobago

Published on Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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Dear Sir:

In June 2006, then BWIA signed a US$20 million  contract with a British firm to advertise and brand BWIA internationally (an illogical move seeing that BWIA only serves Trinidad from the UK, I don’t quite understand the strategy here).

This contract was being negotiated by Peter Davies while the closure of BWIA was imminent within this timeframe, what is the logic behind this? It looks like classic political corruption. Is Peter Davies working for Trinidad and Tobago or for the company he gave this massive contract to?

These foreign CEOs, like Peter Davies and others, with the aid of some government ministers are sabotaging Trinidad & Tobago and its assets, the valuable slot at Heathrow is another example. Just ask anyone who has travelled to London or transit through.

Another issue, last year while BWIA has been going through its turmoil, James Hepple at the TDC, negotiated with Delta Airlines to service Trinidad four times a week. Again, is James Hepple working for Trinidad & Tobago or for these foreign companies?

No wonder BWIA is in its grave, are these foreign CEOs and some government ministers getting kickbacks for giving business to foreign companies, when it should rightfully be going towards building the then BWIA and now CAL and the Trinidadian employees depending on BWIA? CAL for their livelihood! CAL is not some politician’s private business, it is also a means of livelihood for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and any responsible government should look after taking care of its own people first!

Now, Mr Chin-Lee is negotiating with Spirit Airlines, yet another blow for Caribbean Airlines and another missed opportunity to create meaningful employment and a livelihood for Trinidadians and Tobagonians and develop CAL, these actions will also put CAL in its grave and Trinidadians will once again lose. Yes, we probably need a better air service to Trinidad & Tobago, but shouldn’t we be looking to develop our own assets and resources first, especially creating proper employment for our citizens.

I cannot help but conclude that Trinidad is controlled by a mafia, with the foreign CEOs and some government ministers as the pawns in a very big game to defraud Trinidadians & Tobagonians of their rights.

I also must conclude that the current administration of Trinidad is incompetent in looking after the long-term welfare of its citizens, its apparent successes are an illusion masked by the high oil prices and increased flow of cash as such, not because the government is doing a good job.

I am afraid this will only be realized when oil prices reverts to where it was just a few short years ago because no real infrastructure is being created in Trinidad & Tobago, a great waterfront or stadium is not infrastructure, let us not be fooled by this cosmetic surgery!

As international economic analysts have predicted, the current oil boom can only last another 12-18 months. Trinidadians & Tobagonians must confront their representatives with these issues and demand honest answers and explanation.

Or else, it is only they that will suffer in the long run.

Fayaz Karim


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