Humana People-to-People Alert

  Property and shipping  

Companies such as Argyll Property, AS Properties and the offshore Jersey-registered Argyll Smith are owners of much TG real estate including schools and ships. In the past some of these companies have attracted attention because of inflated leases. In the 1990s, according to police, the TG invested millions in apartments, land and ships through hidden companies like John F Parsons Inc, the Markham Corp, Eastover Properties, Xoreux, ZBF, Blue Ridge Ltd, and B&B Shipping.

  The Danish trusts  

Three key trusts in Denmark, around for 20-30 years. Often described as Tvind’s ‘money boxes’. They are DSI Estate, Fælleseje, and Thomas Brocklebank. A fourth, the formerly TG-run Humanitarian Foundation was the subject of the 2001-2 police investigation and current court case and is now no longer controlled by Tvind.

 A network of companies  

The Tvind organisation is a lot more than a volunteer bureau. Investigators have uncovered a web of at least 150 different companies, trusts and offshore accounts run by the Teachers Group.

So what’s wrong with that? It depends how they are used. In their 2001-2003 investigation, Danish police concluded many of the supposed ‘businesses’ and ‘charities’ were brass plate companies used to moved money around. Millions that should have gone to development was allegedly spent on property and land, they say.

Scores of Tvind companies and offshore accounts outside Europe have never been fully investigated. Here is a detailed list of many known Teachers Group companies – this is not comprehensive.

  Fake charities  

Charities and good causes identified by Danish police as, allegedly, fake include All Europe Satellite Television Ltd (a TV station), The Institute for Scientific Research and Applied Sciences, La Societe Verte and L’Energie Eternelle (‘green ‘charities) and One World Channel. Police say these were front companies which enabled the TG to hide money used to buy property. Cash could then be laundered through offshore holding companies or local businesses set up in far-flung places, such as Buckeye Ltd, Jambalaya Ltd, Jayhawk Ltd and South China Sea Farming.























Humana Alert

The financial web

 The company list  

More than 150 Teachers Group companies, trusts and offshore accounts 1970-2006. How do they relate?







Click here for more detailed information on this and the companies listed below:

The companies

Our latest discovery : Catlink ( – China-Africa Trade Link, an export company selling Chinese-made computers, sofas and wood products in Angola and South Africa. Associated with long-time Teachers Group member Kim Hansen at the same address in Shanghai as The Trayton Group. (Thanks, K)

ADPP companies (Portuguese-speaking Africa)

Agence Notre Dame Ltd (UK) All Europe Satellite Television Ltd (UK)

Argyll Property (S Africa)

Argyll Smith and Co (Jersey)

A-S Properties (USA)

Atlantic Trading

Atlantic Trading Holdings (International) Ltd

Bahia Farming Limited  (Jersey)

B&B Shipping (Cayman Is)

Blue Ridge Limited (St Vincent)

Brichwood Trading Ltd (Ireland)

Buckeye Ltd Camberley Ltd (Guernsey)

Campus Africa TG (Zimbabwe)

Campus California TG (USA)

Caribbean Farming Ltd (Caymans Is)

Caribbean Farming Ltd (Belize)

‘Casablanca’ (Morocco)

Challacombe Trading (Gibraltar)

Chilton Intervest Corp

CCTT (Franco-Moroccan)

Cedex Pac Ltd (Jersey)

Chatswood Ltd (Guernsey)

College for International
Cooperation and Development
Ltd (UK)

ConMore Bv (Holland)

Cooper Investments  (Jersey)

Coriander Holdings Ltd (Jersey) Cowpen Farm Ltd (Belize)

Customlong Agencies Ltd (UK)

DAPP companies (Southern Africa)

Denver Portland Limited (St Vincent)

Digital School Experience (Denmark)

Dollarforge Ltd (UK)

Domoch (Virgin Is)

Distributors International (Cayman Is)

DSI Estate (Denmark)

E4 a/s (Denmark)

Eastover Properties Ltd (Cayman Islands)

EC Trading (Holland)

Fælleseje (Denmark)

Fairbank Ltd (Jersey)

Fairbank, Cooper and Lyle Ltd

Farm 1 Ltd (Belize)

Fazenda Floresta Jatoba (Brazil)

Floresta Atlantica Ltda (Brazil)

Floryl Florestadora YPE SA (Brazil)

Fonden E-advice (Denmark)

Foundation Humana (Holland)

Frioport SA (Ecuador)

Furtherland Farming Ltd (Cayman Is)

Gaia Living Earth Movement Green World

Gaia-Movement Trust Living Earth Green
World Action

Garson and Shaw Inc (USA)

Garson and Shaw Ltd (London)

Global ResearchGoliath Services (Jersey)

Green World Recycling Ltd (UK)

Greenpipe Management Ltd 

Grupo Danés   (Ecuador)

Hobhouse Trust (Jersey)

Holland House Ltd   (Jersey & Gibraltar)

Holland Enterprise Ltd  (Jersey & Gibraltar)

Holland Trading Ltd (Jersey)

Humana People to People (Zimbabwe)

Humana charities and companies (Europe)

Humana UK

Humana Kleidung für Entwicklung Gemeinnützige

Humana Kleidersammlung GmbH (Germany)

Humana New Clothes  (Brussels)

Humana Second-Hand-Kleidung GmbH  (Germany)

Humanitarian Foundation (Denmark)

International Education Co-ordination (China)

International Emergency Centre

IFAS [Institute for Scientific Research
and Applied Sciences] (Denmark

Isterødgaard a/s    (Denmark)

Jacaranda    (Jersey)

Jambalaya Ltd (Hong Kong)

Jayhawk Ltd

John F Parsons Inc (USA)

Kadaview (Hong Kong)

Kiev Trade (Ukraine)

Kirchheiner Bros Ltd (Jersey)

La Societé Verte (France)

L’Energie Eternelle (France)

Løvdahl a/s (Denmark)

Lyle Enterprise Limited (Jersey)

Marco Polo Transport (Holland)

Markham Corporation (British Virgin Islands)

McCorry & Co Ltd (Malaysia)

Monkey River Estate (Belize)

Mt Lezard Estate Ltd (UK)

Naim Overseas (Virgin Is)

Nasib Daya [Sabah] Sdn (Malaysia)

One World Channel a/s (Norway)

One World Enterprise

Orange Hill Estate (St Vincent)

P13 a/s (Denmark)

Pacific Farming Ltd (Fiji)

Park Estate Ltd   (St Lucia)

Planet Aid Inc   (USA)

Planet Aid Philadelphia (USA)

Planet Aid UK Ltd   (UK)

Procurement White Hall Agency  (Holland)

Radmoor or Radmore Ltd     (Guernsey)

Red House Management Company [Norfolk]

Resources Recycling Ltd   (UK)

Rivalta  (Guernsey )

River Doree Holdings Ltd   (St Lucia)

Rookbridge Commercial Ltd     (UK)

Rose Cottage Limited      (St Vincent)

Seabridge International BV    (Holland)

Seagon Investment     (Hong Kong)

Sediamas Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Shanghai Trayton Furniture Co (China)

Shanghai Trayton Systems (China)

Shanghai Trayton Trading Co  (China)

The Small School at Red House Ltd  (UK)

South China Sea Farming

Stichting Humana Fondsenwerving

Stichting Humana Hergebruik (Holland)

Talata (Guernsey)

Texex (France)

Textile Bougainville sarl (Togo and Benin)

Textile Transformation BV  (Holland)

Thomas Brocklebank (Denmark)

Trade Link Almaty   (Kazakhastan)

Trade Link Dnepro (Ukraine)

Transco Shipping  (Guernsey)

Trans World Forest Enterprise (Russia)

Trans World Trading  (Holland)

The Trayton Group (China)

Trayton Timber

Trayton Furniture

Trayton Computers

Tropical Farming Atlantic

Tropical Farming Caribbean

Tropical Farming Pacific

Tropical Farming Ltd (Cayman Islands)

Tropical Fruit (Holland)

Tropical Produce Ltd (Cayman Is.)

Tropical Trading Ltd (Benin)

Tropical Trading Ltd (Ghana)

UFF companies (Scandinavia)

Unicorn Trans World Trading (Holland)

University of the Seven Seas

U’SAgain (USA)

Vestergaard og Jørgensen i/s (Denmark)

Voice of the Third World

Westpac Hamlin (Guernsey)

)Windward Properties Limited (St Vincent)

World Trading (Holland)

World Wide Suppliers (Jersey)

Xoreux Limited (USA) ZBF Limited (St Vincent)

 The types of TG company  

  Farming and forestry  

Millions of acres of landholdings in the Caribbean and Central America owned by offshore companies like Jersey-registered Bahia Farming Ltd, Caribbean Farming Ltd and Cayman-registered Tropical Farming Ltd. The TG’s main fruit and vegetable company trading produce from its landholdings is Fairbank, Cooper and Lyle.

  Manufacture, import-export  

Legitimate commercial trade in old clothes, timber, computers and foodstuffs run by known Teachers Group companies. U’SAgain, Garson and Shaw, offshore Holland House and ConMore are all commercial clothes traders. The Malaysia-based McCorry Group sells timber worldwide and is the subject of many emails. In Holland, EC Trading went bankrupt in 2000, owing £1.4 m.

  Offshore companies  

TG-run offshore ‘holding’ companies with a complex pattern of cross-ownership, said to be at the heart of Tvind. Many were identified by Danish investigators in the 2001 Danish police report. The main offshore companies identified were Camberley Ltd (Guernsey), Chatswood Ltd (Guernsey), Cooper Investments (Jersey), Fairbank Ltd (Jersey), the Hobhouse Trust (Jersey), Kirchheiner Bros (Jersey), Lyle Enterprise (Jersey) and the Farmers Trust. Many share the same directors and senior managers.

  Not-for-profit associations  

At least ten ‘Humana’ charities in Europe, various UFF used-clothes concerns in Scandinavia, Planet Aid, Gaia and U’SAgain in the US, Planet Aid and Green World in Britain, and DAPP and ADPP shops in Africa are all run by a huge web of companies. Many inter-relate and they do not always run to the highest ethical standards: Humana UK was closed down by the British Charity Commission in 1998 and at various times official warnings have been issued to Humana and UFF charities in France, Norway, Denmark and Holland.




Humana People-to-People Alert

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