American Eagle to launch new service from Barbados to St.Lucia St Lucia. (For how long)

(I am so tired of AA/Eagle’s playing games with Caribbean routes, always starting up a service in some island to compete with the routes of other airines trying to break into the Caribbean, under pricing them, putting non stop service where the competitor offers connecting flights etc. and as soon as AA has forced those airlines out of service AA/Eagle stops it’s service with the idiotic reasons that fool no one. This has been done to BWIA/LIAT and Air Jamaica for as long as I can remember. Wake up Caribbean).   


American Eagle to launch new service from St Lucia to Barbados

Published on Friday, June 1, 2007

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico: American Eagle, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, continues to grow its service in the Caribbean with a new inter-island flight between St Lucia and Barbados beginning September 5. The flight will operate each Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday using 64-seat Super ATR aircraft.

The new service will provide improved inter-island connections for the many visitors who travel to the Caribbean and would like to experience the wonderful beaches, the excellent food, and the sounds and rhythms these destinations have to offer.

“We’ve been serving the Caribbean market for 20 years, and this new service reflects our commitment to the region, as well as our continued support of the islands and its people,” said Ed Criner, President – Executive Airlines, a division of American Eagle.

“For years, we have worked closely with the governments, hoteliers and tour operators of St. Lucia and Barbados,” said Pedro Fábregas, Vice President of Finance and Planning for Executive Airlines. “This new service will increase the amount of passengers visiting the region and thus help boost the economies of both islands.”


Caribbean Net News: St Lucia

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