Why go out of the way to paint a negative picture of Haiti


Letter: Why go out of the way to paint a negative picture of Haiti?

Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Dear Sir:

I read the article "Haiti tries to put troubles aside for PanAm games" written by Eduardo Simoes. This text is apparently a sports item covering the PanAm games preparations, etc.

Why is it necessary for the author to go out of his way to paint a negative picture of Haiti?

I do not agree with the title, which starts by mentioning the troubles of this country. Is there any country, Cayman included, which has no troubles?

Is it necessary to describe Haiti as the poorest part of America and a violence-torn country, when talking about a bid to participate in a sporting event? Is Haiti really the poorest part of America? And is Haiti really more violent than the rest of the Caribbean?

A serious investigation could reveal otherwise.

As for the insistence that many Haitian players are not living in Haiti: Is this situation peculiar to Haiti or is it not the same with most countries bringing their expatriates to compete in all sorts of games.

Come on! This king of biased reporting is not surprising when done by Americans, but for other fellow Caribbeans to take that attitude about Haiti is shameful and unjustified.

Haiti is coming out of its problems, which have had many causes common to those of many Caribbean nations. Therefore do not adopt that air towards that country which has helped Caribbean and Latin american peoples in their own struggles for respect and independence.

P. Choisil


Caribbean Net News: Haiti

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One Response to Why go out of the way to paint a negative picture of Haiti

  1. R. says:

    Letter: Bravo, Mr Choisil

    Published on Friday, July 13, 2007
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    Dear Sir:
    I, Roland Mesidor, also would like to commend Mr P Choisil as a valuable asset; I\’ve tried many times but the anger and maybe undiplomatic approach in my letters has many times been ignored. As Haitian-born, I\’ve seen so many other Caribbean nations promoting hate and also misinformation towards Haiti . Many times I feel angry with my ancestors for sharing such valuable bread called freedom to Africans / Caribbeans and, to be accurate, to the world and keep living to see such sacrifice become our destruction many times helped by our brotherly nations . I should take such an opportunity to once more thank the South African majority government for putting a halt on the undemocratically, terrorist form of humiliation of our strongly elected president, Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide . This is correcting wrong by the South African government . It is proving it is not too hard to do the right thing ,especially when he or she knows the value of doing that right thing . Unlike Caribbean blood Colin Powel and his race in shaming the black history as a sell out, General . Marcus Garvey should spit on his white face. Haitian-born,Roland J MesidorSon of a real black man
    Quoted from:
    Caribbean Net News: Haiti

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