Compton placed on life support


Compton placed on life support

Sir John Compton
Sir John first entered elective politics in 1954.
The Prime Minister of St Lucia, Sir John Compton, who was flown to a Martinique hospital on Saturday, has been placed on life support.

The news came from the acting Prime Minister Stephenson King, who said St. Lucians should fear the worst.

Sir John, who is 82, suffered a series of strokes in May which forced him to hand over day-to-day running of the government to Mr. King.

Doctors said another recent stroke had derailed the Prime Minister’s recovery, which had been "excellent" up to that time.

Because of his deteriorating condition, Sir John was sent to Martinique for more comprehensive care, according to Mr King.

He said: "Between Saturday and Sunday, it appears that Sir John’s condition worsened and the decision had to be taken to place him on life support since his breathing (was) laboured.

"Let me sincerely state that St. Lucians should prepare for the worst."

The signs that all was not well with Sir John’s rehabilitation first came when he was admitted to the privately run Tapion Hospital in St. Lucia on 26 August because of difficulty in breathing due to the build up of mucus in his lungs.

Heart Condition

Mr King revealed that while he was at Tapion, the analysis of a brain scan taken one month ago was received from Sir John’s doctors in New York, where he had been hospitalised in May.

"This analysis revealed that he had suffered another stroke that had set back what had been an excellent recovery," King said.

He also observed that Sir John’s current medical situation is complicated by his age and by the fact that he has been under treatment for some time for a series of conditions, including a long-standing heart condition and diabetes.

Mr King urged the nation to pray for the Prime Minister’s recovery and for " the Lord to give his wife and family the strength to endure during this difficult period."

His departure for Martinique for treatment came as the ruling United Workers Party was preparing for a convention in October, during which it was expected that Sir John would bow out of active politics and hand over to a successor.

Sir John, who first entered elective politics in 1954, came out of retirement to successfully lead his party into the last general elections in December 2006.

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