St.Lucia’s Prime Minister John Compton still holding on



Things have once again taken another turn for the worse for our ailing Prime Minister Sir John Compton.

Yesterday morning Sir John arrived back on the island and is now once again at the Tapion Hospital. Sources say that there is no sign of any change where his illness is concerned and we as a nation need to prepare for the worst.
After suffering a series of strokes, the now deteriorating Prime Minister never fully recovered despite the efforts made by various doctors at the Tapion Hospital and in New-York. Despite all efforts made by acting Prime Minister Stephenson King to formally keep the public notified on his general progress, numerous rumours have surfaced stating that Sir John Compton has died.
Reports have stated that the Prime Minister suffered a series of strokes whilst on a routine check up in New-York in May. Shortly after he arrived back into the island, he was once again checked into the Tapion hospital for breathing troubles. Mr. King later stated that doctors confirmed that Sir John had a mucus build up in his throat. Last Saturday, he was then flown into Martinique where better care and treatment could be administered to him in hopes to aid in his recovery. However, things reportedly took a grave turn for the worse and it was later confirmed that Sir John Compton was in intensive care and had to be placed on life support in Martinique.

Presently, the family of the ailing Prime Minister has not yet publicly issued any statements on his present condition at the Tapion hospital.
This is indeed a sad time for the nation as it gets ready to bid “the father of our nation” farewell. In this grave time, many tributes are also being made to Sir John Compton, thanking him for all he has done for our country throughout his many long years in politics.
Helen Television System will air a live broadcast in the nation’s first ever “P.M. Round Table.” The broadcast is scheduled to take place this Sunday and will feature a hearty tribute to Sir John Compton and his years in politics as well as a guest panel of some of the island’s former Prime Ministers: Mikey Pilgrim, Allan Louisy, Dr. Vaughn Lewis and Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Dr. Anthony, in his recent press conference coaxed the nation to come together and pray for the ailing Sir John.
No word has also been given on how Sir John’s close family and friends are taking the news.

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