Just a mistake, says black McDonald’s staffer fired over cop’s salty burger

 Just a mistake, says black McDonald’s staffer fired over cop’s salty burger

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/08/07

Police Officer Wendell Adams learned Friday there can still be a cost to a free lunch.

For McDonald’s staffer Kendra Bull, Adams’ lunch also came with a price.

Adams is the Union City patrolman who got sick on an overly salty burger at a McDonald’s on Jonesboro Road in his city. Bull, who said she accidently doused the officer’s burger with salt, was charged with a reckless conduct, a misdemeanor, for her role in the food preparation.

The 20-year-old noted that while Adams got his meal free — which she says is customary for police at her restaurant — and is back at work, she’s out of a paycheck and spent a night in jail before getting out on a $1,000 bond.

All because of what she calls a big accident.

"It is a big problem for me financially," she said. "I’m on leave — no pay. They didn’t say how long."

Investigators don’t know if Bull was targeting the officer with the Big N’Tasty blue-light special, only that she admitted putting the salt on the burger, said Officer George Louth, spokesman for the department.

"It is questionable whether she even knew it was for a police officer," Louth said. "She knew it was not up to their standards and served it anyway."

Bull, the mother of a 1-year-old child, had made several inconsistent statements, Louth said.

The burger made Adams so ill after a couple of bites that he vomited.

The department wants the GBI Crime Lab to analyze the rest of the hamburger to determine if something more toxic was added, Louth said.

While Bull perhaps didn’t know an officer was getting the burger, somebody at the restaurant had to know, so that the cash register wouldn’t record a full price on the discounted meal, Louth said.

"In the middle of the night the only people they discount for are their employees or a member of the Police Department," Louth said.

The drama started early Friday when she said she accidently dumped too much salt on a burger she was preparing for herself. A co-worker tried to remove the salt, and Bull said she told a supervisor about the heavy dose of condiment.

The supervisor acknowledged the salt, she said, but still put the patty on the officer’s bun, Bull said. The supervisor denied Bull’s account when questioned by police.

Asked why someone would try and salvage the burger, Bull said she wasn’t sure.

"They’ve been saying we’ve been wasting too much meat," she said.

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