The world is NOT flat!

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The world is NOT flat!

I don’t watch the View, but I saw this video on Perez Hilton and had to blog about it.

The new hostess, Sherri Shepherd, doesn’t know if the world is round or flat and she doesn’t want to question it because of her Christian faith.  Ms. Shepherd is an embarrassment to Black people everywhere.  How do dumb asses like Sherri Shepherd get these gigs?

BTW, love Whoopi and I’m very happy that Rosie O’Donnell is gone!

Posted by Black Woman
My perspective:
"I watched the video and it seems to me that, Ms Shepherd speaks from both a lack of biblical and secular education and knowledge. Her Christian faith teaches that the earth is circular and is supported by gravity,( Job 26:7, 26:10, Isaiah 40:22) and it’s not necessary to go into scientific proof, (google that). Whoopi should probably try not to ask such deep questions of a cosmetic Christian whether Black or white".
BTW I love Whoopi also.
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