Musharraf: Pakistan at ‘dangerous’ juncture

Musharraf: Pakistan at ‘dangerous’ juncture

President suspends constitution, replaces chief justice, blocks TV

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Musharraf declares state of emergency
Nov. 3: Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf declares a state of emergency after a series of attacks inside of the country, and just ahead of a crucial Supreme Court decision concerning his election.


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Watching Pakistan
Oct. 25: NBC’s Richard Engel reports on why and how Pakistan can be considered the most dangerous country for the United States.

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Pakistan pressure
What are the challenges facing President Gen. Pervez Musharraf?


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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Gen. Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan on Saturday, suspending the constitution, replacing the chief justice before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president, and cutting communications in the capital.

His leadership threatened by an increasingly defiant court and an Islamic movement that has spread to Islamabad, Musharraf’s emergency order accused some judges of “working at cross purposes with the executive” and “weakening the government’s resolve” to fight terrorism.

Seven of the 17 Supreme Court judges immediately rejected the emergency, which suspended the current constitution. Police blocked entry to the Supreme Court building and later took the deposed chief justice and other judges away in a convoy, witnesses said.

In an address to the nation late Saturday on state-run television, Musharraf said Pakistan was at a “dangerous” juncture, its government threatened by Islamic extremists. He said he hoped democracy would be restored following parliamentary elections.

“But, in my eyes, I say with sorrow that some elements are creating hurdles in the way of democracy,” said Musharraf, who was wearing civilian clothes and spoke firmly and calmly. “I think this chaos is being created for personnel interests and to harm Pakistan.”

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