Protests over SA shooting spree

Protests over SA shooting spree

A protester outside a South African court for the appearance of a young white man who allegedly killed people in a racially motivated attack

The case has shocked the country and sparked protests

South African police have clashed with protesters at the court appearance of an 18-year-old white man charged with the murder of four slum dwellers.

The prosecution alleges that Johan Nel went on a shooting spree in North West Province. Nine others were wounded.

The crowd broke down the main gate of the court house in Swartruggens and threw stones at the armoured police vehicle carrying the accused man.

Many residents believe the shooting was racially motivated.

Police say the attack’s motive is still under investigation, but the BBC’s Mpho Lakaje says the many in the country are shocked at the incident.

The official opposition, The Democratic Alliance, has appealed for the shooting not be politicised.

Roads barricaded

The crowd outside the Swartruggens court chanted: "We want Nel!", the South African Press Association reports.

The police car transporting Mr Nel struggled to clear a way through the crowd of protesters at the court gates after his court appearance.

Our correspondent says the hearing is due to be followed by a memorial service for the victims, who include two young children.

Some residents have complained about racism in the farming area in the past, our reporter says.

Last week, about 700 residents of Skielik informal settlement took to the streets, barricading roads with rocks, demanding justice.

The court demonstration was organised by the trade union federation Cosatu who intended to hand over a memorandum pushing for the denial of the suspect’s bail application.

However, the case was postponed until 12 February.

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  1. PEP says:

    I guess they still have a long way to go. Darn we still have a long way to go. 

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