Traumatizing Children, to Keep Us ‘Safe’


Traumatizing Children, to Keep Us ‘Safe’

By The Editorial Board

Life in the United States in the age of state and local immigration enforcement run amok:

Here is a video from a recent immigrant-suppression sweep by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Ariz. It’s painful to watch – two of the victims are young children who have been forcibly separated from their mother, who was turned over to federal immigration authorities.

Immigrant advocates say the sheriff is terrorizing Latino communities with raids like these, and using police-state tactics to stifle criticism. The man on the video who tries to shut the camera down is a member of Sheriff Arpaio’s “posse.”

More links and comments can be seen at the blog of Stephen Lemons, a Phoenix New Times reporter who has been trying to get the word out about Sheriff Arpaio.

Salvador Reza, a community organizer who shot the video, wrote to us:

“I appreciate if you forward it to people that you may think might get a better picture of the ‘hell’ we are living here in Arizona. It is getting worse instead of better.”

Traumatizing Children, to Keep Us ‘Safe’ – The Board Blog –

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