Dame Sessene Descartes the Queen of St.Lucian Culture

Calls For More Help From Culture Queen 

Story By
Alison Kentish

The CDF’s Director says Dame Sessene Descartes deserves to live the rest of her days like a Queen. His comments come as the CDF and Folk Research Centre join the observance of the Creole Queen’s 95th birthday on Saturday. Kennedy "Boots" Samuel acknowledges a lot has been done to make life easier for Dame Sessene – but says a lot more can be done. He says she still has daily hardships.

Dame Sesenne" Descartes is popularly known as one of the foremost exponents of the art of chantwel here. She has also been instrumental in bringing St. Lucian folk music to the attention of regional and international audiences through her numerous stage performances. She has served as an ambassador for St. Lucia overseas.
Samuel says as she celebrates her 95th birthday, all Saint Lucians should reflect on her contribution to community and national development.
The CFD Head says he has a good idea how the Queen of Culture would like to observe her birthday – and it centres on praise and thanksgiving to God. He says her day will be one of prayer. Saint Lucia’s Queen of Folk receives some utilities free of charge – and a monthly subvention from Government. Her home was donated by the Government of St. Lucia and will, in time, become a national museum. Dame Sesenne was awarded the British Empire medal in 1972, and she was acclaimed "queen of culture in Saint Lucia" in 1984. Dame Sesenne Descartes was born on March 28th 1914.

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