Eye-catching creations at African Expression exhibition!

Eye-catching creations at African Expression exhibition!


Funso IIembade’s sole piece Gigigdo (wrestlers).

Funso IIembade’s sole piece Gigigdo (wrestlers).

The latest Alliance Française exhibition went by the name, “African Expression” and featured artists, all stars in their own right. Art lovers were invited to come experience the rich heritage of African culture, the traditions and way of life.
The exhibition showcased paintings from African artists including Nigerian Funso IIemobade, Freelance artists Lukman and Seyi Ogunbisi, Morin and Seyi Idowu Elijah.  Russian Art dealer Tolulope Randle was on hand to share information on the artists and their creations but the lively artwork said more that he could. Swirls of colors burst out from the canvas drawing patrons in where they found out more about the artists through short bio’s that were posted along with their artwork.

Seyi Elijah’s Melodies from the northern side of Nigeria was one of the featured paintings

Upon entering The Alliance Française two of Seyi Ogunbisi’s pieces, Lady Na Master and Omo Oge (elegant lady) greeted all. The realistic pieces with graceful bare chested women were a reflection of the artist known to draw inspiration from both tradition and modern sources of his cultural bases. Ogunbisi’ sun shine pieces Garri Girls (Farin sellers) and Oni ilu, (the drummer) were applaud worthy.
Ogunbisi’s pieces led the way to Morin’s dynamic work. The artist’s bio revealed he felt art gave meaning to our inner imaginations and thoughts and his and eye catching abstract pieces proved just that. Morin’s featured pieces included The Day of The Rain and Eyo Masquerade (The King’s Masquerade.)
Next were Seyi Idowu Elijah and Funso IIembade.  IIembade’s work has been featured internationally but this time around only one piece, Gigigdo (wrestlers) was featured at the exhibition. Seyi Elijah’s brush strokes resulted in attention grabbing designs like Tente to Disco that featured young African female dancers. Lukman’s sole painting, Clay Pots rounded up the exhibition.

Seyi Ogunbisi’s sunshine pieces, Garri Girls and Oni ilu

Seyi Ogunbisi’s sunshine pieces, Garri Girls and Oni ilu

At the end of the exhibition that gave St Lucians the opportunity to browse through as well as purchase the art pieces, art dealer Tolulope Randle told the STAR the exhibition was vital as it was essential for African culture to be exposed to the outside world.
“People have these presumptions about Africans,” he said. “I think the works highlight different aspects of African lifestyle. I’m hoping at the end of the day people will have a different perspective from what they often view through the media.
If you missed out of the exhibition’s opening have no fear. The African Expression exhibition runs for two weeks.

Eye-catching creations at African Expression exhibition! | St. Lucia STAR

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