Raul Castro says Cuba would never return to the OAS

Raul Castro says Cuba would never return to the OAS

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — "The Organization of Americas States (OAS) has oozed blood since its very creation," said Cuban President Raul Castro on Thursday reiterating the reasons why Cuba would never accept returning to this regional organization.
During the Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) that took place in Venezuela, the Cuban leader recalled the overthrow of Guatemalan constitutional president Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 who had won the presidential elections that year. Castro also recalled that Arbenz was cruelly toppled for trying to give a small piece of land to the aboriginal people of his country, the natives and descendants of the Mayan culture in Guatemala.

Cuban President Raul Castro

He denounced that former US President Dwight Eisenhower, his State Secretary Foster Dulles and the latter’s brother, Allan Dulles, the founding director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) organized the mercenary operation to overthrow President Arbenz.
Castro continued recalling that seven years later, in 1961, the bombing of Cuba’s main cities and two airports began as the prelude of the Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion, which was also planned by the same trio that organized the overthrow of Arbenz even before the Socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution was proclaimed by Fidel Castro during the funeral of the victims of the 1961 bombings.
The Cuban president added that on that occasion the OAS did not expel or suspend Cuba because its intention was to recognize an eventual puppet government that would be set up had the invasion succeeded.
He also recalled that the United States broke off relations with Cuba on January 3rd, 1962, and only 28 days later, on January 31st, the OAS expelled Cuba.
"Why did they expel us in 1962? Because this time it would not be a mercenary invasion but a direct attack from the United States," said Raul and stressed that this can be corroborated through data declassified by the CIA and the Pentagon.
Castro added that Cuba has told the US Government, publicly and in private, that it is ready to talk about all topics, including human rights, freedom of expression, and the so-called ‘political prisoners’, but always on equal terms and respecting Cuba’s sovereignty and self-
Regarding the situation of mercenaries paid by the US government in prison in Cuba, Raul said that if Washington releases five Cuban patriots and anti-terrorist fighters who have remained imprisoned in the United States since 1998, Cuba would send the so-called ‘dissidents’ and even with their families, to the United States.

Caribbean Net News: Raul Castro says Cuba would never return to the OAS

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