Pan-Africanist dies in car crash


Pan-Africanist dies in car crash

Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem

Abdul-Raheem died on Africa Day (Pic: Tim Gander

Renowned Pan-Africanist Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem has died in a car crash in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Born in Nigeria in 1961, he became best known for his role as general secretary of the Pan-African Movement.

He was also a director of the UK-based campaign group Justice Africa and wrote prolifically for newspapers and journals across the continent.

Firoze Manji, editor of online forum Pambuzuka News, told the BBC he had the ability "to see through hypocrisy".

"He will be remembered for his humour, his warmth, his support and above all for being a strong pan-Africanist," Mr Manji told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

He was a wonderful person but an editor’s nightmare

Firoze Manji
Editor Pambuzuka News

"I have met few people who have been so committed to that one ideal and for so long, despite all the setbacks that we’ve had in Africa."

He said Mr Abdul-Raheem was "a wonderful person but an editor’s nightmare".

"His respect for deadlines didn’t exist and he typed as he spoke and thought.

"He simply sent us copy that was unpunctuated, no spell checks – straight off the cuff – a nightmare and yet worthwhile because what he had to say was always pertinent."

Mr Manji said it was poignant that he died in the early hours of 25 May, designated Africa Day.

"He insisted it be called Africa Liberation Day, not just Africa Day, because that sounds like celebrating something in the past whereas Africa’s liberation is a struggle still to be achieved."



Focus on Africa


Pambazuka News

Justice Africa

Tim Gander Photography


BBC NEWS | Africa | Pan-Africanist dies in car crash

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