Airlines Add $10 Surcharge Over The Holidays (Arm & Leg Not Enough)

Airlines Add $10 Surcharge Over The Holidays (Arm & Leg Not Enough)

By Joan

Airlines add $10 surcharge over the holidays for three crucial days. The extra $10 holiday surcharge will add up for airlines over Nov 29, Jan 2 & 3.


As if the arm and leg you have offered for your spot on a crammed plane this holiday season wasn’t enough, you can go ahead and throw another ten bucks in along with it. Look at it on the bright side, with one less appendage, you won’t have to experience that awkward moment when you and the stranger next to you decide who gets to put their elbow on the armrest.

So far American Airlines, United, Delta, and US Airways have announced that they will impose the fee for flights on those particular days. Yet many other carriers have indicated that they won’t be following suit, including Airtran, whose spokesman said: “We are focused on providing our passengers the best value in the sky, not taking advantage of them on some of the busiest travel days of the year.”

Consumers have already had it with becoming hostages while sitting on the tarmac for, in some cases, several hours. A new bill could pass that would limit those lovely experiences to three hours. Now certain airlines are going to hit people where it hurts most these days—their wallets.

I find it absurd, and akin to the price shilling of gasoline during a hurricane. Sure there is a higher demand, but at what point does it become unethical?

What’s your opinion about the airlines adding a $10 surcharge over the holidays? Let us hear it in the comments section below.

Also included is a video about the subject below.

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