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How to attain mental equilibrium?

To attain the complete mental equilibrium, one needs many years of self-enlightenment and self-cultivation in right practice, because it is realized by promoting the level of his spiritual realm and enlightenment. Just as what Zhong Yong said: “The kingdom, its states, and its families, may be perfectly ruled; dignities and emoluments may be declined; naked weapons may be trampled under the feet; but the course of the Mean (“zhong”, centrality, or equilibrium) cannot be attained to”. Nevertheless, to an ordinary practicer, there is the way we can rely on and go through…

An ordinary person usually thinks and judges in dialectic ways as to good and bad, virtue and wicked, correct and wrong, advantage and disadvantage, etc., which lead to contradiction and mental disequilibrium. As such, the more you think, wanting to acquire answers through your own explanation, the more contradictions are aroused, and the more serious his mental disequilibrium is, even collapsing his mind. Why so? Because all things in the world are dialectic and relative. Let me put it this way. For all things in the world, the good will turn into the bad, while the bad will turn into the good. The bad is hidden in the good, while the good is hidden in the bad. There is no good without the bad; there is no bad without good… There is no absolute good, or absolute bad. People attach themselves in things that are dialectic and relative. How can they find correct answer? How can they attain internal equilibrium of mind? Some physicians are mentally collapsed due to facing the birth and dead all the time. This is the same case as to some police officers because they have been suffering entanglement of good and bad, correct and wrong, and virtue and wickedness…

How to attain the easiest way of mental equilibrium and liberation? You have to, first of all, see all things in the prospective of nature. That is, in a point of view that there is neither virtue nor wickedness, neither correct nor wrong, neither good nor bad. As a matter of fact, there is no difference among the Myriad Things. Now I would like to ask you: if there were no day, is there a night? If there were no bad guy, is there the noun “good guy”? If there were no birth, is there the death? If there were no death, is there the birth? Therefore, to avoid the spiritual and mental extreme, you must not apply your own values or widespread values to measuring, requiring, and judging. This reminds me of a saying in an ancient Chinese book Cai Gen Tan, (Zen of Vegetable Roots)“To see it through, to identify it true, only then can you undertake the tasks of the Under Heaven. “To see it through” does not mean to avoid. “To identify it true” means you are not puzzled by things. In this dusty and complicated world, to detach yourself from the outer world, not to consider something that it practically stands, is a powerful talisman to attain the peace of mind and health of body.

TAO vs. LIFE – How to attain mental equilibrium? – The TAO WEBSITE

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