Caribbean media and tourism industry to pay tribute to Andria Hall


Caribbean media and tourism industry to pay tribute to Andria Hall

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia — Andria Hall, the late CNN news anchor, author and communicator, will be honoured by media, tourism stakeholders and young people gathering for the 18th meeting of the Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) in Saint Lucia from December 3 to 7, 2009.

CMEx to remember the life and legacy of Andria Hall

Andria Hall’s legacy will be honoured at the opening of the conference, at Coco Palm’s Conference Centre in Rodney Bay Village.
Hall, an Emmy award winning journalist, Christian communications strategist and a key member of the CMEx production team, passed away last January after a two year battle with breast cancer.
"All the innovation, spiritual uplift, underlying intellectual elegance and divine optimism evident at CMEx was influenced in some way by Andria," said CMEx director Lelei LeLaulu, who recalled Hall was a gentle force who deeply touched the lives of those with whom she connected.
LeLaulu said he was pleased that members of Andria’s immediate family along with several of her close friends will make the journey for a Caribbean Memorial of Andria.
"We miss her deeply," said fellow CMEx director Dr Basil Springer, who admitted he still cannot believe Andria has departed the earth. "The CMEx family looks forward to gathering in Saint Lucia to reassure her family that Andria’s mission continues both on earth as well as in heaven," he added.
The theme for the CMEx December meeting is "Multicultural Marketing: A Climate for Change." Underlying the provocative presentations and lively discussion is how tourism can improve the health, wealth, education, environment and culture of destinations in a "climate-friendly fashion", as delegates examine how to "climate proof" Caribbean tourism as well as build resilience into a recessionary environment.

Caribbean Net News: Caribbean media and tourism industry to pay tribute to Andria Hall


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