Cuba introduces new GMO pineapple variety that triples yield


Cuba introduces new pineapple variety that triples yield

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba (ACN) — Farmers from this central Cuban province started sowing a new variety of pineapple that triples the yield of previous ones and has higher concentrations of sugar and Vitamin C, according to experts.
Known as MD-2, the species is capable of producing from 80 to 120 tons per hectare, three times more than the traditional Red Spanish, the most common variety in the country.
This kind of fruit consists in a hybrid obtained in labs in Hawaii from the Smooth Cayenne variety, which is characterized by its big size, cylindrical shape and very few thorns.
The head of the Business Unit for Fruit Trees in Ciego de Avila province, Raul Batista, told the press that the first of 67 hectares are already sown.
Meanwhile, Rolando Macias, in charge of assorted crops in the province, said that a modern central pivot irrigation machine has been installed, which will irrigate the area planted with the MD-2 crop.
Farmers, both governmental and private, have sown over 475 hectares of pineapple since last year, as part of a plan to recover the symbol of this territory.
The project covers 8 of the province’s 10 municipalities, with quality seedlings supplied by producers in the provinces of Villa Clara and Matanzas, and the first harvest will take place in January.
Pineapples were brought to Cuba from South America. There are over 800 species in the world, being the Red Spanish variety, genetically improved by way of biotechnology, the most cultivated on the island.

Caribbean Net News: Cuba introduces new pineapple variety that triples yield


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2 Responses to Cuba introduces new GMO pineapple variety that triples yield

  1. Emile Coppens says:

    We citizens do not want GMOs in our food

  2. pineapples says:

    Good blog post. I certainly love this website. Stick with it!

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