Passenger held after SAA race fracas


Passenger held after SAA race fracas

Oct 21, 2009 11:43 PM | By AMUKELANI CHAUKE

An ”afrikaans-speaking” passenger is being held by police in Kenya for beating up a flight attendant minutes before an SAA plane landed.

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The man, reportedly in his thirties, was arrested shortly after the plane touched down in Mombasa at about 7pm on Monday.

SAA spokeswoman Vimla Maistry said the "disruptive man" stood up and demanded to get off the plane 10 minutes before it landed.

She said the passenger hit the flight attendant when he tried to calm him down, and also spat at a passenger while shouting racial slurs at passengers and the cabin crew.

"Fortunately they managed to calm him down and get him back to his seat,” Maistry said.

”Nobody was hurt and shortly after the plane landed, a charge of assault was opened and police arrested him."

Media reports yesterday described the man as ”very large”.

Maistry could not confirm when the suspect would appear in court, but said it could be today or tomorrow. Mombasa police could not be reached for comment last night.

Passenger held after SAA race fracas – Times LIVE

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