March for Majorie! | St. Lucia STAR


March for Majorie!

Singer Amy Winehouse often went to Majorie Lambert’s popular beach restaurant.

Singer Amy Winehouse often went to Majorie Lambert’s popular beach restaurant.

On Sunday, December 13th members of the Concerned [National] Citizens of St Lucia Committee, residents of the Gros Islet, their friends and supporters from around the island will descend on Gros Islet to march in support of vendors and entrepreneurs who have been stopped by the government from conducting business on the Cas en Bas beach.
One entrepreneur, who will be hurt most by this stoppage, is Ms Majorie Lambert. She has been trading in the culinary arts on crown lands at Cas en Bas for more than twenty years and this is her only means of support.
“I can’t believe that my own government will treat me and my family with such heartless disregard for our well being,” she says. “I don’t know what to do now and how I will support my family,” she lamented.
The Communications Director for the Committee, Mr Therold Prudent, says no St Lucian ought to be treated with such blatant disregard for their welfare, their health, their security and their comfort in their own country.
“If one of us can suffer this fate, at the hands of this government, if one of us can be so treated, in the name of development, then all of us are vulnerable to such callous and hard-hearted governmental conduct,” says the Communications Director.
Mr Prudent calls on all St Lucians from around the island to join Ms Lambert in her struggle against the Stephenson King government’s policy at the Gros Islet rally on December 13th at 3pm.
“We can join together and fight together and win,” he said, “or we can stay apart and die as individuals.”
Ms Lambert echoed Prudent’s appeal for unity and called on all her friends and supporters to join her, with their placards and banners, in this worthy endeavor. She also advised those who are planning to be there to come prepared to be entertained after the rally by both regional and local artistes.

March for Majorie! | St. Lucia STAR




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