Destra Garcia at the BBC

Destra Garcia at the BBC


It was a truly Caribbean jam at The Coronet in south London when soca star Destra Garcia and her band rolled into the UK.

The singer from Trinidad and Tobago performed in front of a crowd comprising of citizens from all over the region with pumped-up partygoers waving a host of the Caribbean’s national flags.

Earlier in the day, before her high energy performance – which also featured fellow Trinidadian soca singer Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon – Garcia did a special set for BBC Caribbean and an interview in which she answered questions from the BBC Caribbean audience.

Garcia changed the style of some of her big hits and said she wanted to show off a range of styles which would display her versatility as a performer.

Destra Garcia was in London for Obsessive: The Concert, courtesy Busspepper Promotions, promoters of Caribbean events in London.

Watch See how Destra dealt with questions from BBC listeners.

First broadcast on 08 November 2010.

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